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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cultivation of a Body

Teach my heart to pulse with purpose
Shake off yesterday's dirt and rinse your eyes
Throw the curtains wide and glide through the hours

Teach my hands to work with thanksgiving
Breathe cold and fresh anticipating everything
Paint a smile to share with your brother

Teach my mind to race the track undaunted
Inundate my synapses with beauty rare
Tromp the halls of time as a boy in his dad's shoes

Teach my eyes to look up at promise
Strike me down if I raise in defiance
Throw me over your shoulder when I trip

Teach my mouth to sing and comfort
Sew a lining around my words in silk
Praise the One of all account and love

Teach my being to swell and run over
Find its form and push out of the edges
Grow its stature in a shape overwhelming

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